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Skye’s plan is simple: craft the perfect life. Move back to her hometown of Toronto, Canada after years working in the U.S. tech scene. Start a new job as a C-level executive at one of the world’s best fertility apps. Get pregnant on her own and raise her kids happily ever after. Easy. Except when Skye arrives home, she discovers Toronto’s real estate market is more difficult to navigate than she thought.


Penny has always wanted to own her own business, so she took a leap of faith. Now she’s a realtor struggling to launch her fledgling firm. When Skye walks into an open house Penny’s running, Penny sees her chance to soar and takes it. How hard could it be to find the perfect home for someone as impressively organized as Skye?

When Penny’s sunny optimism meets Skye’s hyper-logical life plan, the two women find that life is often what happens between the lines of your to-do list.

Gal Pals


Hollywood starlet Vanessa Corrington reached a new level of fame last year: a blockbuster hit with sequels slated, award show buzz, and countless rave reviews. Her life should be perfect, but something’s missing. Though she’s never deliberately concealed her sexuality, she’s also never dated anyone since landing her first job in Los Angeles.

So when Tara, a free spirited photographer, snaps Vanessa’s picture—and accidentally lands her squarely in the sights of a group of paparazzi–Vanessa isn’t sure what to think. Tara’s cute, yes. Interested, probably. And their chemistry is undeniable.

But is Vanessa willing to risk her personal life showing up in the public eye when she’s normally gone to such pains to keep it private? 

In Her Eyes

College freshman Danica has her hands full with anxiety. At least that’s what she tells herself when she wonders why she hasn’t dated since arriving at McEown College. Then a stunning, sultry woman walks into her figure drawing class and sheds her clothes. Suddenly, Danica’s thinking about anything but academics…

Bailey’s modeled for art classes on campus dozens of times, but there’s something different about the girl with the short hair who’s blushing like a fiend, who can’t meet Bailey’s eye even while she’s supposed to be drawing her. Danica’s way too shy for Bailey’s tastes, but even a shy girl could use a social circle.

As Danica befriends Bailey and her group of third-year pals, the sparks between them become harder to ignore. Commitment isn’t exactly Bailey’s forte, but with Danica she’s starting to think she might be willing to take the chance.

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Pretend Girlfriend

When Celeste Lamontagne receives a wedding invitation from her ex, she’s furious. The only thing worse than being cheated on? Seeing your ex and the girl she cheated with get married. Less than a year later. And as part of a two-week long Mediterranean cruise. But they say the best revenge is a life well lived, right? Not for Celeste, it isn’t. It’s arranging an elaborate fake relationship with someone to make your ex jealous.

Lane Bishop is the perfect someone to do just that. Impulsive to the extreme, she loses her job right in front of Celeste. There goes Lane’s best shot at becoming a stylist in New York City. She can have another chance if she agrees to travel with Celeste, pretending to be her girlfriend so that Celeste’s ex sees her happy and thriving. The only catch? Celeste’s an heiress accustomed to getting everything she wants. She’s rigorous about details—some might say spoiled—which clashes with a free spirit like Lane.

Two weeks travelling in close quarters challenges the faux lovebirds. They’ve got to appear harmoniously in love, even when they’d rather rib each other than whisper sweet nothings. But the sparks between Celeste and Lane become harder and harder to ignore. Can they convince the wedding guests of their passion without the flames setting them both alight?